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Dark Life Experience – Blog Review

There are songs that go under your skin and then there are songs that can access your dreams and thoughts. Stonecutter by Boy Breaking Glass is such a song.

Joe, Rob and Dimitar from the New Westminster area of ​​Canada do Rock with a good portion of Progressive Trip Hop, but more importantly, they immediately entice the listener with their bleak sound. Rarely does a band instantly trigger a whole wave of emotions with their music. No sooner had we heard a song, then we were already out of the everyday life. The long to-do list, the work in the household, everything was unimportant, we just wanted to hear the album to the end. Exceed is one of the best albums we've come across yet. How many times we have heard it, we cannot answer anymore. It simply captivated us.

A catchy, familiar voice, instruments that never compete with each other but harmonize wonderfully and are simply more than their sum. Brilliant. Stonecutter, as well as the other songs of the band, convince with their fast catchiness, the sound image that never wears off, the profound structure and the unique atmosphere that is created. Even though the song basically has a cool basic message and changes from the subject of the lullaby to the nightmare, the listener always feels secure.

Try the song, of course the other great songs of the band and become fans like us.

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