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Named after the poem by Gwendolyn Brooks, the rock trio Boy Breaking Glass introduces a sound that is both dark and intense. The creative impulse exists in all of us. The kid who feels oppressed, without hope or opportunity, will feel the need to leave his mark on the world in some way; "if not a note, a hole, If not an overture, a desecration”. The band Boy Breaking Glass is inspired by Brooks's vision of transcendence through expression; in their own sonic way creating "A hymn, a snare, and an exceeding sun".

Consisting of Joe Mantell on vocals/bass, Rob Leishman on guitars/keys, and Dimitar Karabov on the drums, the band draws its inspiration from a broad range of genres. From rock to ambient electronica to trip-hop, a lush fusion of sounds can be heard throughout the songs; as a whole, Boy Breaking Glass is definitely more than the sum of its parts. 


431 Front Street, New Westminister


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